"live in Silent Night, Bloody Night"
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Side B sample

Cat. No. : UT56
Release Date: December, 2017.


GUILTY C. "The Sound Hunt EP #2"(C-10)
1,000JPY order now

Side G "Deep River #4"
Side C "Growling Hole"

Cat. No. : UT55
Release Date: November, 2017.


GUILTY C. "Lands #2/#4"(C-30)
1,200JPY order now

Side G "169R"
Side C "Lands #2/#4"

Cat. No. : UT54
Release Date: July, 2017.


& GUILTY C. "s/t"
*sold out*

Side A "one"
Side B "two"

Cat. No. : UT53
Release Date: May, 2017.


"Eater" (C-30, with short novel notes)
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1. Eater #2 sample

Cat. No. : UT52
Release Date: April, 2017.


"The Growling Wolves" (C-10)
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1. Kitakabe ENT sample

Cat. No. : UT51
Release Date: March, 2017.


"Baptized in Blood"
(Hand-cutting 7"EP, ltd.30)
*sold out*

B1. Angel's Mother is a Bitch sample
B3. Hellbound sample

Cat. No.: UT-50
Release Date: December, 2016.


GUILTY C. "Lands #2/#4" (CD)
1,800JPY order now

1: 169R
2: Lands #2/#4
3: Untitled Hunt/6R
trailer video

Total Running Time: 31min.
Cat. No.: UT-48
Release Date: August, 2016.

  GSR! x JMT SYNTH "CFO-1"(接触式ノイズマシン)
*sold out*

Cat. No.: UT-49
Release Date: August, 2016.

  begottened (CORRUPTED Chew & GUILTY C.)
"s/t" (CD) *sold out*

1: brainwashing 2: malformation
3: power 4: discrimination
5: slave 6: subsidence

Total Running Time: 36min.
Cat. No.: UT-47 / cold ashes-003
co-released with Nostalgia Blackrain, Japan.
Release Date: December, 2015.


"In the Forest of Red Water"
(Hand-cutting 7"EP, ltd.13) *sold out*

A4. Dance withe The Devil sample
A8. Black Eyes sample

Cat. No.: UT-46
Release Date: September, 2015.


GUILTY C. "Bury #6" (CD)
1,800JPY order now

1: Bury #6 (34:45) video / live version
2: River #4 (11:05)

Total Running Time: 46min.
Cat. No.: UT-45
Release Date: July, 2015.


NICK HOFFMAN "Barbarous Tongues"
(Poster-Sleeve CD)
1,500JPY order now

1: Arcadia sample
2: Lapis
3: Stone Fountain sample
4: Gilded Pomegranate / feat. GxCx
5: Its Nurse Is The Earth
6: The Universe Sleeps sample

Total Running Time: 44min.
Cat. No.: UT-43
Release Date: September, 2014.

  GRIM TALKERS "Built Sand Invasion"(CD)
1,800JPY order now

1: Whitefog Reflection
2: Purekiller Duststorm
3: Chikatesu Zatt -interlude-
4: Blinding Sandstorms
5: Sludge Invasion
6: Shallow Infection Prowlers
7: Crashlow Motion

Total Running Time: 59min.
Cat. No.: UT-42
co-released with Japan.
Release Date: May, 2014.

  GUILTY C. "Downpour Shammer"
(Poster-Sleeve CD)
1,800JPY order now

1: Blood Money Troops
2: Disarray Tongues
3: Downpour Shammer sample
4: Night Paddle 5 -Fade to Erode
5: Ba-Q, Night Owl sample
6: RIP in Town 4 sample

Total Running Time: 55min.
Cat. No.: UT-41
Release Date: February, 2014.

  GRIM TALKERS "Grimy City"(CD)
1,800JPY order now

01: Everyday Grimperience
02: Talkers' Talk
03: Daydream Grime
04: Grimy City
05: After Hours
06: Grimly Talk
07: Grim Talkers
08: Grim Talk, Nightmare 2
09: Day & Night
10: Rain Talk
11: Sleepers' Pillow

Total Running Time: 42min.
Cat. No.: UT-40
co-released with Japan.
Release Date: November, 2013.

  GUILTY C. "Bottom Down"(CD)
1,500JPY order now

1: Music For A Town
2: Omaga Tsuruhash Gold2
3: Under The Wirehead (CO)
4: Nightfog
5: Morbid Cipher9
6: Transfer
7: Rains
8: Tal Coat -Raw- (BE)
9: Mirror2

samples on GxCx bandcamp

Total Running Time: 60min.
Cat. No.: UT-37
Release Date: June, 2011.

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